Nina’s Health Care Fairfax is proud to be staffed with the following professionals. Having them as our employees is an honor. We hope you will entrust them with your health and wellness. If you have questions or concerns, please call (703) 852-0942.

  • Medical Director – Supervises the overall health management of the client
  • Masters Level Social Worker – The need for Masters Level Social Worker is to provide evaluation of social service needs, provide interventions and provide supervision for the Bachelors Level Social Worker.
  • RN Staff Nurse – The RN Staff Nurse is needed to teach and supervise personnel as needed; to plan, implement and evaluate nursing care plans for patient care; and provide nursing care according to the physician's orders.
  • Licensed Practical Nurse – The Licensed Practical Nurse reports to the Director of Patient Care Services and/or the Case Manager/Registered Nurse and provides nursing care and teaching to patients and families. The responsibilities may be amended to include those specialties and/or procedures that will be in compliance with the state certification program and their nurse practice act, as well as the policies and procedures for the agency.
  • Physical Therapist – The need for this position is to fulfill the need for physical therapy services to patients in their residences and to provide supervision for the licensed physical therapy assistant, and when necessary, the aide.
  • Licensed PT Assistant – The physical therapy assistant is needed to assist the physical therapist in restoring the patient to their fullest physical ability.
  • Speech Pathologist – The need for speech therapy is to fulfill the need for speech therapy services to instruct and assist patients in restoring verbal communication.
  • Occupational Therapist – The need for occupational therapy services is to restore the handicapped to their fullest physical ability.
  • Certified Occupational Therapy Assist – The need for certified occupational therapy assistants is to provide assistance to the occupational therapist in providing therapy services to restore the handicapped to their fullest physical ability.
  • Aide – The need for aide services is to fulfill the need for personal care assistance and aid in patient care.